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ROBERT FRANCIS – Dimanche 13 MARS 18 H –


A year ago, I set out to record an album called Empire Blues. That process had me working with different producers in various studios throughout L.A.

It was during a session at Sunset Sound that a writer for Vice Magazine, Aldo Monterrubio, flew out to conduct an interview me about the ups and downs of the music industry. We spoke mostly about the struggle and maintenance that is required of artists to continue to create in a climate that is usually not in our favor. Being in Los Angeles at this time had me uninspired.

Aldo suggested I come to Lyon, Mexico and so I did. Recording in Lyon felt more like the deep South than the South does today. This WAS Muscle Shoals. There was no tourism, no musical history, nothing but a city of stucco houses/ corrugated steel roofs, thunderstorms and 10 cent beers.

As I began to spend more time in Lyon, I couldn’t help but be affected by the culture. I started writing MORE songs. This time instead of writing for « myself, » I started writing « out of myself » for other people.

Most of us are victims to a society that doesn’t necessarily have our best interests at heart. I think all of us, or at least the ones taking the time to read this, are aware that we are living in a culture that doesn’t nurture us emotionally and creatively. As mainstream media, the internet and pop music continue to grow, I think it is important we stick together and form a coalition of our collective unconscious. We deserve more.

I’ve put Empire Blues on hold because the album wasn’t yet a complete thought. I need to get these new songs off my chest first.

On April 22nd, I’ll be releasing an album called FIRE ENGINE RED. This record for me is as immediate as it gets and I don’t want to waste anymore time before you guys hear it.

We’ll have a song up for download February 12th and continue to release singles along the way until the album’s release.

I hope to see you on the road in March.
Love, Robert Francis